Athos Sea Cruises Restarts cruising excursions in Chalkidiki (vid)

Every single winter Athos Sea Cruises team is prepared for the next season (from April to November). New brand excursions and activities are our specialities. This season the Covid-19 summer season, our activities and excursions are still available with some extra extensions, coronavirus couldn’t stop our plans cause every move Athos Sea Cruises team did was one step ahead of other cruising companies.

Athos Sea Cruises vid 2020

With tradition on Athos cruise we continued servicing our clients till today. On 2014 season our team born the idea of Blue Lagoon cruise and mix tour in Chalkidiki, two new brand excursions which were very quickly adopted by other companies in the area.

On 2018 season our team dreamed of a beach in Chalkidiki area which would be a dream destination, on 2019 season Athos Sea Cruises owned Banana beach on Ammouliani island, an excotix destination which everyone have to visit.

Every single winter Athos Sea Cruises team is dreaming, share your dreams with us and who knows, maybe you’ll live your dream on our excursion

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