Cruise 1

Ouranoupolis to Mount Athos

Sightseeing Tour of the Monasteries of the Holy Mountain of Athos

A tour by the Monasteries of a Holy Mountain

A majestic place, side by side with the dolphins!

Daily Departure from Ouranoupoli

The vessel “Captain Fotis” and “Ioanna” depart daily at 10:30 and 14:00 from Ouranoupolis for the cruise in the southwest side of Mount Athos, embarkment starts at 9:30. It is wise that the visitors embark half an hour before departure.

You can get your tickets from our official agencies in Ouranoupoli, from our e-shop or on the vessel. Also, you can call to reserve your seats on the phone 00.30698.610.7451. The tickets are checked during the embarkment. During the summer months June, July and August we propose that you buy your tickets on time, because the number of passengers on each cruise is limited.

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The Gates of Mount Athos

Our 3-hour trip starts passing by the last little houses of Ouranoupoli and the borders of Mount Athos that separate the outside world from the world of monastic life. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the southwest peninsula of Mount Athos. In particular, the wilderness of the landscape, the human’s power who, over a 1.000 years ago, managed to construct all these spectacular buildings, monasteries, skites, arsanades.

Pilgrimage: After agreement, the ship halts in about 500 meters from the coast, according to the law. “Fathers” (monks) approach, bringing holy remnants and people piously worship them. It’s a unique moment since women are not permitted to enter the region (“state”) to worship.

Tour Guiding all the way

During this route, you will be able to be tour guided and see 8 monasteries: Holy Monastery Docheiariou, H.M. Xenophontos, H.M. Panteleimonos (Russian Monastery), H.M. Xiropotamou, the central port of Mount Athos Daphni, H.M. Simonos Petras, H.M. Grigoriou, H.M. Dionysiou and finally in the shadow of Mountain Athos which towers up to 2033m. H.M. Saint Pavlou. Subsequently, you will see the New Skite, and Saint Anna’s Skite. Finally, we hope that you will witness the daily shows that dolphins offer to us during our trips.

Tour-guiding in different languages (eg. Greek, English, German, Romanian) depends on the majority of travelers. Tour-guiding in Greek is done by the Captain, who has a specific knowledge about the monks’ life.

On-board amenities

Things you can enjoy during the cruise

A documentary about the monks’ life on three TVs in the lounge, and video games for the kids.

Video-tapes about the Holy Mount, books in many languages, maps etc.

Cold dishes, ouzo, beer, pizza

Any type of coffee, chocolate

Holy icons (wax or paper), knit bracelets, incenses and many more souvenirs

Taking photos on-board with your own camera or with ours.

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