Visit Ierissos: 5 fun holiday activities the whole family can enjoy

Ierissos is a beautiful and modern coastal small town with rich historical and cultural heritage. It is the headquarter town of Aristotle prefecture. It’s a must to visit Ierissos.

Visit ierissos
Ierissos village

Where Ierissos village is

It is located at the beginning of the third in sequence peninsula of Athos in Chalkidiki and it is a 100km distance from Thessaloniki. In the current location of the modern Ierrisos there was the ancient city Akanthos which was famous for it’s good wine.

Ierissos map

Open the google map block, get the directions and set them to your vehicle’s GPS.

Ierissos weather

Ierissos is a coastal village of Aegean sea which is part of Mediterranean. Summers here are hot and dry and winters are mild.

From June to September atmosphere’s temperature is high (+-30°C) and the weather is 90% sunny. The sea temperature is like a pool’s, from 22°C to 25°C.

A weather tip from the locals is: When the sun is very shiny and burns, and when there is a feeling of a high humidity then you have to wait for rains and storms.

Visit Ierissos: The historical part

The most important reason for someone to visit Ierissos village is the history of the area. Let’s get some taste of the ancient Greek world.Historically the existence of the pre-Hellenic city is confirmed by Ploutarxos. Impressive as much as interesting witness of this era is the center sector of the anthropomorphic marble pillar which is the most ancient sculpture work of Halkidiki.

Akanthos town

The famous historic Thoukididis mentions Akanthos and Ploutarxos said that the town was build in a pre-existing village by mixedtribes. According to Eusebius and other historical facts the possible establishment year is 655 b.C.  The main economical sources were trading, wine, minerals and it’s forestry wealthiness   but also agricultural and farming products which traded in it’s important harbor. It’s development in the archaic era accompanies the coin release which starts around 530 b.C.

The first historical fact from the 6th century b.C relate Akanthos with the Persian wars. In the year 348 b.C Akanthos was conquered by the Macedonians without getting destroyed. Later Akanthos was incorporated in the area of Ouranoupolis, the new city which was built in the isthmus of Strimonic and Sigitic gulf, by Alexarxus, Kassandrus brother.

kakoudia beach

Roman and Byzantine empires

According to Libius around 200 b.C Akanthos was sieged  by the Romans who made good use of the natural recourses and it’s harbor. The life of Akanthos continues from the Byzantine until modern times. The ancient area extends about 600 meters Southeast from the town of Ierrisos where are maintained the ancient wall and buildings remains, the outstanding sector of the Acropolis and scattered architectural findings from Hellenic era. In the same area are maintained a Byzantine church and some newer.

In addition, the ancient tombs are studied, that is because the conclusion of the research states it’s economical development. The grave goods were putted inside the tombs close to the dead are variously and numerous, a lot among them are ceramic pots which used for fluid or solid foods. In women’s or children’s graves there are often found special tombs with figurines representing goddesses ,women and men forms, actors and animals. The findings are presenting  wide typology and origin. They are representing famous trading stations of the ancient world and many workshops, and they make sensible the growth of the topical production.

Ierissos beach

Visit Ierissos today

Except the history there are hundred of reasons you have to visit Ierissos village. Today there are living up to 3400 locals in Ierissos and they are mostly engaged with farming fishing and tourism.

Ierissos beach

If you ever visit Ierissos you will surely see the endless sandy coastline of the area, It starts from Kakoudia beach end it ends to the port of Ierissos, this distance is about 4000 meters in total, it is for sure a huge sandy coastline.

Ierissos restaurants

Athos Sea Cruises team made a restaurant list of the area, once you visit Ierissos you must try these restaurants based on google’s rankings:

  • Mouragio
  • Zorbas
  • The Kolatsi
  • Athos Restaurant
  • Romina pizza

Ierissos hotels

If you chose not to visit Ierissos but you want to stay there, there is a big plethora of hotels and rental apartments. Mount Athos resort is a new brand hotel in the area which promises to it’s guests the best quality for their vacation, but Mount Athos resort is not the only option, there are hotels and rental apartments in the village like the GKEEA boutique hotel, Hotel Alkionis, Hotel Papanikolaou, Penelope’s view home, Nautilus luxury apartment, Okean studio, Enalia villas, Villa Giuli, Calma guest house, Patriko house, Anna rooms, mediterranean holidays etc. Most of them are rated with more than 4,5 stars in google.

The traditional shipyards

A must to see when you visit Ierissos are the traditional shipyards where the villagers are building wooden boats dozens of years now. The workers here are well known as the greatest builders in Greece.

Destination Ierissos

You can travel to Halkidiki by your own or a rental car or using the KTEL Halkidiki organization

The roads

If you are in the Eastern part of Greece you have to use the Egnatia highway A2 until the exit to Stavros, then you will continue driving to Ierissos using the Greek National road.

If you are or you will pass by Thessaloniki we recommend you to use the west’s side Egnatia highway A2 or the east’s side Polygyrou Greek National Road EO16 – EO16a.

KTEL Halkidiki

KTEL bus station of Chalkidiki is in the Eastern part of Thessaloniki. There are daily departures from Thessaloniki to Chalkidiki and backwards. check the timetable and the pricelist.

Must to do in Ierissos

Athos Sea Cruises team made for you a must to do list you will surely need if you visit Ierissos:

  • A cruise to Mount Athos is the most popular activity in the area, there are departures every day from Ouranoupoli, it is a tour to the west side of the peninsula, giving the chance to explore the monasteries cruising in a distance of 500m away from the coast. The monasteries are UNESCO’s World heritage sites.
  • Blue Lagoon cruise is a fun tour you can join from Ouranoupoli port, a cruise sailing to the most popular beaches of the area.
  • The traditinal shipyards is a must to see, watch and learn how wooden boats are builded.
  • Visit Ammouliani island, the only inhabited island in Central Macedonia with more than 15 different beaches.
  • Drive to Komitsa beach, a blue beach near Nea Roda village.
  • Try some watersports like jetski or parasailing
  • Join a scuba diving class
  • Explore Drenia islands


Where can we rent a boat in Ierissos?

You can drive to Trypiti or Ouranoupoli, there you can find many rent a boat spots, you can contact us for more info. mail:

How can we visit Ammouliani?

You have to drive to Trypiti port where there are ferry departures to the island every half an hour in the summer season.

Where can we find tickets for the Mount Athos cruise?

Buy your tickets online from our official website or from our agencies in Ouranoupoli. You can reserve some seats just with a phone call (+30) 6986107451.

How can we buy tickets for the Blue Lagoon cruise?

You can buy them online from our official website or from our agencies in Ouranoupoli, Also you can reserve some seats by a phone call (+30) 6986107451

Mount Athos cruise

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