Swimming in the breathtaking waters – Banana beach Ammouliani

A truly pictorial part of Ammouliani island where the sand is soft and golden, while the sea is crystal clear and clean. The organised beach bar Banana beach Ammouliani offers a space with comfortable seating and a pleasant atmosphere. This place is a favorite destination for both swimmers and people who just enjoy a view to the blues. Discover Halkidiki, set your destination to your dreams.

Banana beach Ammouliani
Halkidiki Ammouliani island beach

Where Banana beach Ammouliani is

Banana beach Ammouliani is on the Northern part of the island, about 1km away from the central port. An ideal green spot among the forest. Banana built in such a way that there were no any destruction on the mother nature, the constructer used all the green of the area as an advantage of the beach bar.

Banana beach Ammouliani map

Here you can find a google map with the location of the exotic beach Banana

How you get there

There are three ways you can choose if you’d like to visit banana beach ammouliani:

  • The by car way: Once you already arrived at the central port of Ammouliani island by the ferry boat, on your right hand you can see a mountain (90m high) where you can see a big white house like a mansion of ’60s, the first thing to do is to drive to the the top of that mountain, once you reach the top you will turn right and continue driving downhill for 200m. Some visitors are recomending to park your car to the top of the hill and continue on foot because there is a part of dirt road, anyway there is an open parking lot next to the beach if you decide to go all the way down by your car
  • The by a rental boat way: There are several rent a boat spots on the island and around the area, for example if you are in Ouranoupoli and you want to visit banana beach Ammouliani you can just use a rental boat and drive through the sea.
  • The by Halkidiki cruise way: The well known blue lagoon cruise which departs from Ouranoupolis and Ormos Panagias is an option if you want to explore the blue and turquoise spots of Halkidiki. Joining this cruise you will have a 2 hours stop experience on Banana beach Ammouliani.

Chill and let the summer beat to be your guide

The elegant taste of different music types like Dub, Afro House, Deep house, Pop, Latin etc in their perfect combinations and the cool summer cocktail recipes, the special coffees and the big variaty of food tastes are the reasons that at Banana beach Ammouliani will earn the best summer vibes.

Their flag colors are, the blue that draws from the sea, the green that draws from the forest’s vegetation around and the yellow that draws from the banana fruit. All of them are exotic earth colors, live your summer dream full of energy full of colours, here.

Organize your own event

Banana beach Ammouliani owns something more than 4000sq/m of land, this means that there is possibility to host any kind of event, weddings, festivals, parties etc. They can take over and organize everything.

Experience a majestic sunset

Here you can experience one of the best sunsets on the island, a spectacular view with the best shades of red. In Greece they say that an image is equal with a thousand words, scroll down and get a taste.


You Ask, We Answer

We want to use your sunbeds and umbrellas, do we have to pay extra than the order?

No, the only requirement to use the sunbeds and the umbrellas is to order a product from Banana beach bar.

Can we bring our own umbrella and occupy a small sandy area?

Banana’s beach behavior is that everyone can have access and use a sandy shore.

is there a waiter service?

No, there is no any, banana is a self service beach bar, except of special events where the customer asks for it.

We do not have any cash, can we pay with a credit card?

Sure you can, there is a POS where you can charge any card you own.

Are there any rest rooms?

There are rest rooms and a shower.

Banana beach Ammouliani event

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